Ink Link Marketing wanted to create low-cost buzz with a high impact for the Women’s Breast Health Initiative (WBHI), Florida Affiliate, a nonprofit organization that provides critical information and screenings to women in South Florida. Dedicated to fighting breast cancer as a deadly disease, WBHI empowers at-risk women to beat breast cancer through targeted door-to-door outreach, screening and/or treatment. Ink Link Marketing wanted WBHI to develop an “ownable”, center-stage campaign during the summer months so as to not compete with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Our contention is that breast cancer affects women 365 days a year, so finding new ways to raise awareness is imperative to increasing screenings.


Ink Link Marketing believes in helping clients “own” quirky and unusual holidays to create the most press surrounding a unique idea or promotion. After reviewing the calendars for possible summer holidays, we discovered an existing yet dormant holiday already on the books–National Pink Day, June 23rd. We believed this the ideal time for WBHI to share their message of breast cancer awareness and remind women over age 40 to get their annual mammogram. Falling in the middle of the calendar year, it was a way to ask women, “We’re halfway through 2014, have you received your mammogram yet?” National Pink Day did not previously have an affiliation with breast cancer, and from our research, was not being utilized by any other breast cancer group. The holiday was merely created to celebrate the color pink.


Ink Link Marketing helped WBHI take over National Pink Day in the name of breast cancer awareness by asking their supporters to wear the color pink on June 23, take a photo and upload it to social media using the hashtags #NationalPinkDay and/or #NationalPinkDayWBHI. As a nonprofit, the Women’s Breast Health Initiative has little funds to spend on additional marketing or advertising, so a social media-driven campaign was a virtually free way to spread the word about National Pink Day and breast cancer awareness. WBHI “owned” the hashtags #NationalPinkDay and #NationalPinkDayWBHI to track results of the campaign. Social media posts with images are proven to be more effective, so we deliberately asked participants to share photos to increase the virality of the campaign through compelling visuals. Drafted press materials including a calendar listing and press release that explained the purpose of National Pink Day, the steps on how to participate and critical information about WBHI. Encouraged our own social networks to participate through word-of-mouth and social sharing.


A press release was distributed one week prior to National Pink Day through complimentary wire distribution services and the calendar listing was submitted to our local media contacts in South Florida. We also reached out to the top 20 breast cancer bloggers around the country to gain traction on a national level. We continued to post on our company social media pages and our personal pages to increase the reach that National Pink Day would have. WBHI sent an email blast to their contacts and several Facebook and Twitter posts throughout the week using the hashtags and simple directions for participation. On June 23, we began early by sharing our own team members’ photos in pink using the hashtags #NationalPinkDay and #NationalPinkDayWBHI. By the end of the day, the Women’s Breast Health Initiative saw over 60 unique supporters participate in National Pink Day on their behalf by posting photos to Facebook and/or Twitter with the specific hashtags or by tagging WBHI in the post.


While National Pink Day on June 23 was a trending topic across many industries, particularly the fashion and beauty industry, on social media, WBHI was the only organization to have claimed it in the name of breast cancer. A day that was once meant to simply celebrate a love of the color pink was able to carry an important message due to the Women’s Breast Health Initiative’s use of the holiday and social media. For a nonprofit client, being able to conduct a campaign that created such buzz with no out-of-pocket costs is incredibly valuable. The campaign reached far beyond Florida borders. In fact, women and men from throughout Latin America also uploaded photos and messages of support onto social media in the name of WBHI’s breast health awareness campaign. The nonprofit confirmed that the one day event generated more social media buzz than they have ever enjoyed and has decided that they will definitely place National Pink Day on their outreach calendar in the years to come.