Bloggers, especially “mommy” and parenting bloggers, have an incredible reach and a loyal following. Forming good relationships with bloggers is very important, especially for family-oriented clients. Offering a substantial prize pack and fulfilling it in an organized manner will help forge a bond between a marketing firm and bloggers. By learning how bloggers like to communicate and going out of our way to over-deliver, we have built a following of mommy bloggers for our clients who consistently participate in our campaigns and talk up our clients’ products.


We host blogger campaigns for one of our clients, a family buffet chain, approximately four times a year. Prize packs consist of free meal cards and a prize from a promotional partner. The only out-of-pocket expense for the Marketing Department is the shipping of the prize packs to the bloggers. Overall, customer service reigns as the most important asset in a blogger campaign.


Over time, we have perfected the steps of the campaign from the initial pitch through follow-up: We create a prize pack generally valued at $60, between meal cards or gift certificates and another prize from the promotional partner. Then, we draft an interesting pitch that can also be used by the bloggers in their description of the giveaway. We provide them with the language they need to write a positive piece about our brand. We offer each blogger two prize packs: one for them to enjoy with their own family and one for them to give away to their readers. We clearly explain in the pitch what we are asking for and how our company handles giveaways, including the promotion’s end date and when they should fulfill the prize to their winner. We stay organized. We create a spreadsheet of whom we pitched, when they agreed to participate, when we shipped prize packs, the tracking number, and a link to their giveaway after it is posted. We communicate! Since bloggers primarily use email to communicate, it is important to be clear and concise, as well as provide them with information along every step of the campaign. This includes the tracking number after we ship their pack. We tackle problems immediately. Sometimes, gift cards carry $0 balances, or a prize arrives broken. We go above and beyond to fix it as soon as possible and communicate that to the blogger. They appreciate how swiftly we handle these situations. We check in, just to be friendly. We sent our bloggers Valentine’s Day cards this past February with a free meal card, just to show our appreciation. The impression our no-strings-attached gift made on the bloggers was priceless for us and for our clients.


Within the past year, our blogger campaign giveaway entries have doubled beyond the first time we implemented this strategy. An average campaign now receives at least 20,000 entries and countless more views or impressions for the client, given the reach that bloggers have on their websites and through social media. By utilizing our best assets- service, communication and responsiveness- we turn bloggers into brand evangelists.