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Ink Link Marketing provides full-service marketing and communications services to commercial, not for profit and government organizations. Our unique mix of senior leadership experience, among a range of industries, gives our agency the ability to provide organizations of all sizes end-to-end strategic and sustainable promotional and public relations services. A woman-owned small business (WOSB), we keep overhead low by connecting our functional experts from around the world through the power of technology. We think spatially for resources and linearly for process implementation. This makes us scalable, affordable and actionable.  

What sets us apart?

Proactive Press Management and Placement

From new product launches to national promotional tours, we have successfully lead countless never-been-done initiatives. We have developed creative ways to engage media.  Whether it be through satellite media tours, chef tastings, “world peace” events, featured story placements or good old-fashioned interviews…we know how to get coverage for our clients.  From national story placements in opinion leading publications to very localized events benefiting area businesses, we get the job done.

Reactive Media and Reputation Management

We monitor media coverage daily to spot errors in coverage and to correct the record when necessary. We monitor legislative action and emerging trends and provide updates and counsel where appropriate. And, while not rocket science, we know calls must be returned in a timely manner and reporters need to know they can reach a live person when they are on deadline.

Breakthrough Promotions and “Communications links”

We seek out cross-promotional opportunities, placements and value adds. In today’s connected environment, we’ll work with our clients’ to develop disruptive means to generate buzz.

Crisis Management

Things happen. We believe most types of crisis situations can be predicted and appropriate responses prepared well in advance. With our recognized expertise and experience handling everything from nationwide product recalls, class 5 hurricanes, nuclear disasters, murders, robberies, fires and even protests and rumors, we believe there is no firm better suited to handle crisis planning and response.

Social Media Campaign Development and Execution

The most effective way to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced digital communications world is no longer just to react but to engage and predict. Ink Link Marketing approaches digital media like the stock market; a forum that is constantly changing, requiring continuous monitoring, engagement and strategizing. We keep all digital communications client-centric, staying true to the principle of your work and expanding on it.

Graphics and Video

Ink Link provides graphic design for infographics, digital newsletters, promotional materials and social media posts for our clients. We also work with our teams to create brand standards guidelines and vision boards to ensure consistent brand identity among multiple agencies. For film and video projects, our team can lead or follow in any production situation – Film and Video Production, Video Camera Crews, Multi Camera Production, “last-minute/tricky jobs”, post production, camera and lighting equipment.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Marketing Consulting Services 541613

Public Relations Services 541820

General Information

Registered Company Name: Ink Link Marketing, LLC

Year Incorporated: 3/16/2012

State of Incorporation: Florida

D-U-N-S Number is 03-221-6441